How I turned $200 into over 10k in under an hour (using direct mail)

Most business owners think traditional marketing strategies are dead. That the Internet is the only way, you can get new leads and sales.

So in this blog, I’m going to share one of my favourite “traditional” marketing strategies I’ve used successfully for ten years now.

And it’s something most businesses ignore, or they don’t think works. But the reality is – it works.

What I’m talking about are direct mail outs.

See, every time I raise mail outs with a business owner, especially if they’ve tried in the past, is: “oh, direct mail outs don’t work”.

Here’s the reality: shit marketing doesn’t work, doesn’t matter where you do it.

So most business owners who’ve done direct mail-outs in the past have just done them completely wrong.

They’ve gone to a printer printed up like a cute little deal flier that’s colourful, with everything on there, and they’ve maybe even paid a distributor to deliver them.

And what happens is your pretty little flier gets bundled up with 30 other “pretty little brochures”.

The homeowner sees it, they grab, they look at it, and they put it in the bin without even reading it.

So yes, that sort of direct mail does NOT work.

Successful mail-out campaigns do require a little bit of manual effort to make them work, but the reward, in my opinion, one of the best ROI campaigns you can run.

And so, in my title, I said the simple strategy I used to turn $200 into over $10,000 in under, an hour.

But before is tell you this story, first.

Let me paint the picture…

When I first got into marketing, I was a complete “Technophobe”.

I was years away from understanding how to build a website.

And the internet scared the shit out of me back then. So when I first discovered marketing, and I dove right into the old-school world of direct mail.

Back then I was doing stuff like running Yellow Pages ads, newspaper ads, magazine ads, and doing a lot of direct mail outs.

Because while I loved marketing, and I understood the concepts.
I didn’t know how to get online back then. See it wasn’t as easy to get things online, ten years ago.

There weren’t the platforms like Facebook and Google and WordPress back then.

And so, I was playing around with this sort of stuff for about five years, before I moved into the internet and the digital space.

So back to my story…

I remember this day clearly.

I was struggling for leads in sales, and back then, I was running my carpentry business.

And one day I decided I was going to do some mail outs.

So I typed into Google “sales letter for direct mail outs”.

This one-page sales letter popped up, I read it, it sounded okay, I downloaded it, changed it to suit my business.

And then all I did was print three hundred copies, and I mailed them out. Honestly within an hour, I got my first call, and it was an eight and a half thousand dollar job.

I couldn’t believe it!

I thought it was dumb luck,

I didn’t believe direct mail could ever have this kind of response!

But then, a few minutes later, I got another call, and I won another job which was about two and a half thousand.

Combined, I just turned $200 into over $10,000 in under an hour.

And so, I’ve used direct mailing my marketing campaign forever since them. And I still do today.

In fact each weekend I’ll go and find an hour or two, and I’ll go out, and I’ll do direct mail-outs.

I don’t care if I do it in the suburbs…

The reality is business owners live in homes. So some of the homeowners getting my letter I send out are my target market.

But here’s the key to direct mail.

>>>You need to put it in an envelope<<<

It takes a little bit of time and effort, but if you send a DL flyer or a brochure, people can see it, and they know it’s marketing material.

If you put it in an envelope, you’ll get a hundred percent readership because of the intrigue value of getting an envelope in the mail.

They don’t think it’s marketing and they think it’s something that somebody sent them.

If you want to take it to the next level,

…you can do a thing called chunky mail. Chunky mail is where you’ll put an item into the envelope as well, so it’ll be chunky as the name suggests.

Mostly all you’re doing is you’re trying to build intrigue and get people open your letter and start reading.

So that’s the first tip. It takes a little bit of effort, but put your mail out in an envelope and then go hand deliver it.

Now the other thing that you need to do is split test your mail outs.

To do this I’ll run one sales letter with one headline, and then I’ll run another sales letter with a separate headline, and what I’ll do is I’ll run one of them on the even numbered houses and the other one of the odd-numbered houses.

Then I’ll track which one gets more calls, which one gets more customers coming back through.

The other thing with direct mail out that people get wrong, and the reason it doesn’t work for them, is they want to put in minimal effort for maximum gain.

Which brings me to the next point, don’t just send one.

Send out another letter a day or two later, and even a third one after that.

Because If they’re picking up your letter for the first time, they might love what it says, but they don’t know you, they’ve never heard of you.

Do this, and you’ll start to see that your conversion rates go up.

That’s the direct mail strategy I used to turn $200 in $10,000 in under an hour, and I encourage, every business out there to look at ways to increase leads and sales to try direct mail outs.

Marcus Jovanovich
Marcus Jovanovich

Marcus Jovanovich is a Marketing Coach and expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ and e-Commerce businesses over the past 15 years, Marcus is now a sought after marketing coach and mentor for those wanting to grow their businesses by focus targeting all aspects of business marketing.

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