In today’s blog, I want to talk about one of my favourite things!

When it comes to marketing, one of the quickest wins any business can implement to start building trust with new prospects is…

Having an ‘Iron-Clad Guarantee’!

Not just a wishy-washy guarantee with a bunch of “get out” clauses.

A real “everything on the line” guarantee.

That shows beyond the shadow of a doubt – what you stand for and what you expect to deliver.

See, every time I sit down with clients and go through the idea of creating a compelling guarantee.

There’s always the same hesitation.

They’re fearful of getting scammed by somebody who’s just going to take them for a ride and hold them to their guarantee.

Look, in reality, it rarely happens, if ever.

Then I ask them the question, “Well, tell me this, if someone weren’t happy with your product or service, just talk me what you would do to alleviate that situation.”

Then they invariably answer along these lines…

“Well, if someone weren’t happy, I would, I’d work for free until they were happy.”

or “I would give them their money back.”

Quite often, you already guarantee your service, but you’re not articulating it to the marketplace.

That’s why, with my guarantee, I offer a full 90-day, 150% money back guarantee.

See, when I sat down to create my guarantee, I thought, what do my customers really want?

What’s the thing that they worry about when they’re looking to hire a new consulting agency?

I realised they’ve been let down by every other agency they’ve hired in the past.

With big promises and not follow through.

that they’re looking for someone, they can just put their faith in.

I didn’t make it a 30 day because I didn’t want to make the window too short that they were nervous the whole time they were working with me they need to make up their mind to quickly.

I made it 90 days, And the reason was, I knew if I worked with someone for 90 full days. At the end of that 90 days, if I did my job to the level, I expect from myself.

There’s no chance that they wouldn’t be happy.

That’s why, when I put this guarantee together, I thought…

What is it that I do?
What is it that I offer to my customers,
and what is it they’re looking for?

The thing with a guarantee, if it’s meek and mild, it won’t have an impact.

It’s got to be something that scares you a little bit.

I mean, with my guarantee, I’m on the hook 150%.

My fees are $997 a month, which means at the end of the 90 days, I’ve potentially … I could lose a whole 90 days of my time, plus have to pay somebody out four and a half grand.

When I put my guarantee to clients, it builds instant trust.

I’ve won business from my guarantee alone.

The other thing a strong guarantee does is…

It positions you above your competition.

When somebody asks me, “Why should I hire you?”

I can tell them, “Well, I offer this 90-day, 150% money back guarantee.

What is my competition prepared to offer you?

So, it immediately positions me above my competition.

When you put a guarantee out there – you’re giving your prospects the confidence; you stand behind your product or your service.

Because at the end of the day, one of the oldest principles in business is – if you can’t stand behind what you’re selling…

…then you need to question whether you should be selling it.

In Conclusion:

How you can create a powerful guarantee for your market. And make it so compelling that when they see it. It stops them in their tracks, and they instantly know they’ve found the business they want to engage with.

Marcus Jovanovich
Marcus Jovanovich

Marcus Jovanovich is a Marketing Coach and expert when it comes to online conversion and lead generation. Having run several successful traditional ‘bricks & mortar’ and e-Commerce businesses over the past 15 years, Marcus is now a sought after marketing coach and mentor for those wanting to grow their businesses by focus targeting all aspects of business marketing.

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