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Write Like A Pro 

Write Like A PRO is a 12 part master class with everything you'll need to know about Writing Persuasive COPY - that will turn your marketing message in rivers of revenue! Presented by one of the world's BEST master copywriters Bret Thompson.

Normally $2997.But today it's just $997...

Here's what you'll get:

  • Lesson #1: How to write Conversational Copy - so you connect with your readers
  • Lesson #2: The secret Copywriting Formulas Bret's used to make over 250 Million in new sales
  • Lesson #3: How to be a sales detective, so you can find out what your market REALLY wants.
  • Lesson #4: The 'step by step' process to nailing your BIG IDEA to hook your readers in
  • Lesson #5: How to write Crushing Headlines that compel your audience to read more
  • Lesson #6: The proven ways to create Undeniable Proof that what you are saying is true
  • Lesson #7: How to use the power of Storytelling to connect with your readers on a deeper level
  • Lesson #8: Bret will unlock the key Emotional Triggers that motivate people to take action
  • Lesson #9: Why creating an Irresistible Offer that converts is the fastest way to grow your business
  • Lesson #10: How to write Compelling EMAILS that create revenue from a free resource
  • Lesson #11: The Advance MASTER COPYWRITING Lessons only the top 5% of writers know
  • Lesson #12: Most important - How to Make It Happen and get it done FAST

PLUS you'll receive these special BONUSES GIFTS when you join:

  • BONUS #1 - Free website audit to help laser point the quick wins to instantly improve your websites conversions
  • BONUS #2 - Access to Bret's SWIPE FILE, where you can literally steal his greatest copywriting headlines, Ad copy and sales letters
  • BONUS #3 - You'll get Bret's BONUS Speed Copywriting course the 80/20 of writing great copy - FAST
  • BONUS #4 - ...a FREE sleep over at Marcus's house for a long weekend (haha just kidding)

Make NO mistake! If you're serious about learning how to write compelling copy that converts prospects into paying customers...Then 'WRITE LIKE A PRO' is simply a non negotiable purchase.

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I am honoured to recommend Bret's 'Write Like a PRO' course. This copywriting master class has change my life in so many ways. After buying the Write Like A PRO course and obsessively watching it - my marketing was transformed (almost overnight). In fact Bret's teachings have been responsible for me more than doubling my business in just 8 weeks!!

Marcus Jovanovich
Marcus Jovanovich Your Marketing Coach