Google Ads

So you need to get traffic to your website or blog, and you need it today… What do you do? Your obvious option is to start a Google AdWords account, right? After all,...
by Marcus Jovanovich

Marketing Funnels

So you’ve been reading all the marketing blogs …watched a bunch of videos on YouTube …typed “how to get more leads” into Google And, you’ve noticed this phrase – ‘Marketing...
by Marcus Jovanovich


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) So you’ve heard if you use search engine optimization you can rank your website #1 on Google. And then you’ll get lots of leads...
by Marcus Jovanovich


Do you know what a new customer is worth? - It's the price of what they purchased, right? Wrong! See, we all know, some customers buy once. While others buy from us many...
by Marcus Jovanovich
How to do Market Research for Your New WordPress Website

Market Research

Your website’s your most important asset…Get it right and you’ll have a mechanism to deliver a consistent flow of leads 24/7…But, get it wrong…and you’re going to find it hard...
by Marcus Jovanovich
Improve Website Conversion Rate

Website CRO

Your website plays a huge role in why people choose to do business with you. Your website can be your business’s greatest sales person. It Will Work 24/7 - every day of the...
by Marcus Jovanovich
Copy-writing tips for business owners


Ok, confession time, I don’t like copy-writing… …and, for a good reason - I suck at it! But, I understand its importance in marketing. As a marketer, you only have certain...
by Marcus Jovanovich