Hi. I'm Marcus. Allow me to introduce myself...

I'm the founder & CEO of Your Marketing Coach. I'm an expert when it comes to business marketing, conversion, and lead generation...I'm a sought after marketing coach, speaker, and mentor for those wanting to grow their business online by focus targeting all aspects of your businesses marketing.


Finally, A Marketing Coach, who's Actually Run Their Own Business...

What separates me from the rest of the "marketing professionals & Guru's" is the fact I've actually run my own businesses (and still do). Meaning I put my own money behind my marketing strategies too!


Here's my story...

Where it all began - The Hard Yards...

Someone once asked me "What exactly am I paying you for?"

My answer was simple - You're paying me for my mistakes!

See over past 15 years I've made almost every business and marketing mistakes possible.

And as my client, you'll get to reap the benefits of 15 years of hindsight and hard-earned marketing lessons.

My most valuable lessons in business (and life) came when things were most difficult. In fact, my turning point was the age of 23 when my building company failed. I couldn't afford to pay my rent and was forced to move in with my sister; the bank repossessed my car, I had -$57.28 in the bank and $136,000 in debt.

It's fair to say; my life felt pretty crap at this point.

But, this was my "line in the sand" moment. If ever I was going to quit, it would've been then. But I made a promise to myself - no matter what it takes. I'm going to work my way back up to become a successful businessman.

And it's these hard-earned lesson's I now happily share with you - So you'll never make the same mistakes I did.

The turning point...

As bad as things were, I started evaluating my failed business.

So one day, I began to write down on a legal pad - the things I felt I got right. And what I got wrong running my business.

And it was during this process of self-examination. I wrote down a word which would change my life forever...

...in the column of "things I got wrong" I wrote the word - marketing!

Like a bolt of lightning, a thought struck me - "If I controlled my leads and sales, I controlled my business."

I immediately raced off to the nearest bookstore. And I bought as many books on marketing as I could afford.

And this was the start of my marketing journey...

Needless to say. My life would never be the same!

My 100k Education...

My ability to achieve success in business from that point is due to my hunger for knowledge. And even today I continue to invest my time and thousands of dollars into my education each year.

Education is my obsession.

On an average week, I listen to 20-30 podcasts, read 30-50 blog posts, and consume 10-20 hours of webinar footage.

On top of this, I pay thousands of dollars to be part of high-level marketing and business mentoring groups. I attend marketing conferences all around the globe, where I learn from the very best marketing minds in the world.

Even with this, I still hire my own business, marketing and finance mentors who personally work with me each month.

My Proven Results...

Over the past 15 years, I've been fortunate to work in almost every industry or niche.

I've personally managed projects worth over 200+ million.

I've helped generate well over 300+ million in new leads, revenue and sales.

I've personally worked with/in over 100 businesses from all parts of Australia.

Today I'm lucky to call myself a coach, mentor and friend to my 25+ clients.

But I'm not all about work.

The things that matter most...

Look, aside from the marketing stuff… here’s what I do know. I’m not all about business.
I mean, sure, of course, I love punching out the multi-million dollar marketing campaigns, one after the other, for some of the most amazing clients in the world…

Truth be known… The things I'm most grateful for are:

Having a supportive family who would do anything, anytime for each other

My beautiful wife Jacqueline who's love, support and kindness I cherish

Being wise enough to laugh at life (and myself)

The ability to read, learn, grow and continuously improve my life

My health and knowing what “life/work balance” truly is – and actually living with it!

Having a fantastic group of loyal friends, who enjoy having a beer and a laugh as much as I do.

And I'm grateful for having the chance to help others improve their business and lives through my passion (marketing)


Because I care. I ride the bumps with my clients. I celebrate the wins, and I hurt for the losses. If I decide to bring you into my life and business - it's with 100% commitment, loyalty and respect.


But don't just take my word for it, here's what others say about me...